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Sharon International Ministries

School in India

Providing free education for children of the poorest and lowest castes in rural India




The School started 2008 in Gullipalli, a rural part of Andhra Pradesh,

a state in S.E India.   The school provides free education and uniforms

to children of the poorest and lowest castes.

We would be very grateful for help with Teachers’ Salaries,

which are a significant part (65%) of the School’s expenses.

If you can help or would like more information

please telephone Tom on 01494 676373   or click to  email

Fund raising for our school in rural India. Sharon International Ministries(SIM) is the charity which has built and is helping to run a school in Andhra Pradesh for the lowest castes and is one of the projects now under the Christian Churches Trust. As the school is now up and running with more than 500 pupils, we are seeking help from anyone who would like to donate /'gift-aid' a regular sum to go towards paying the teachers' salaries. For example 12 people 'gift aiding' £5 per month will pay for a teacher. If you can help and/or would like to know more,

please contact Tom (01494 676373).



The Completed School 2017



complete school 2017




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SIM is an Indian Charity responsible for providing free education for children of the poorest and lowest castes (often known as ‘Dalits’) in a rural part of the state, Andhra Pradesh, in SE India.  Without education these children would remain with little hope or opportunity for the rest of their lives.  The vision of this school originated from Dr Sam Karra, a medical doctor, who had a similar background to these children, but succeeded to become a doctor.


Through Sam, and initially with the help of Sheila and Tom in England, the ground floor of the school was opened in 2008 and 400 children (out of 700 applications) started school for the first time in their lives.


The  school has been visited every year since 2007 by various members of Sheila and Tom’s family and each time they have seen the progress made by the children. They were always impressed by the welcome they receive as well as the happiness and eagerness that the children show in their lessons, and they visited all the classrooms and spoke with many of the children and saw their work.  Maths and science were the most popular subjects, together with learning English, Hindi and Telagu (their local dialect). The youngest ones learnt English by reciting and acting nursery rhymes and songs. They could see that as the children grew older, their knowledge of English as well as of the different subjects increased. The older ones had ambitions to have careers in medicine, engineering, IT, teaching, military, police and two girls wanted to be pilots. We are sure some of them will achieve their ambitions and hope to hear of their progress in due course.


The younger ones (4-7 years) learn their numbers and basic maths as well as singing nursery rhymes with appropriate actions. In the older classes (8-14years), 3 or 4 pupils each gave a presentation in front of the class on subjects including maths, science and ecology. We were very impressed by the quality of English spoken, albeit with an Indian accent!!  Also the standard of writing on the blackboard was good.


The school has held a number of exhibitions with all taking part, with items such as transport, solar system, magnetism, ecology, water properties being demonstrated


At November 2017 the School building has been completed on both floors, which includes toilet facilities for students and staff and a reverse osmosis facility to provide drinking water. There are now over 600 children attending.


Here in England, SIM has made the commitment to pay salaries of all the teachers and other staff each year and to that end a small committee to raise money to meet this goal. The money needed is raised by a combination of regular gift-aided donations and a series of fund raising events such as a Pudding Concert, Ploughman’s Lunch in the Garden, Curry evenings with a video about the school, Christmas Fair, and Collecting at Marylebone station with Christmas Carols as well as a very valuable donation from the Anglican Churches ‘Outside Giving’ Committee.


The school has been well supported by many members of a local church and is a project of the Churches Christian Trust (BCCT) which is a registered charity.